10-Year-Old Boy Is Her Mom’s Hero After He Helped Her Deliver Baby At Home

There were no physicians available when a Louisiana lady went into emergency delivery six weeks early.

Her 10-year-old son stepped up to the plate and delivered his baby brother.

Ashly Moreau, 34 weeks pregnant, went to the restroom on Friday morning, unaware that she was in labor. In reality, the baby’s feet had already popped out, and she realized it was too late to rush to the hospital.

Ashley was 34 weeks pregnant and needed to go to the bathroom right away. But she was taken aback when her water broke as she was doing so. And, to her surprise, her baby’s feet were already protruding!

“He didn’t appear to be breathing at all, and his feet were purple,” Moreau explained. Jayden dashed over to his grandmother’s residence.

She called 911, but due to surgery, she was unable to reach Moreau. Jayden dashed back to the bathroom, where his mother was lying on the floor, waiting to give birth.

“When he went to the restroom, all he did was take a big breath and say, ‘OK mom, just tell me what I need to do, and I’ll do it.’ He didn’t even appear terrified; instead, he appeared calm and courageous, so I told him I’d simply tell him what to do and leave it at that. “I told you we needed to get your brother out as soon as possible because he’s breeched and can’t breathe right now,” Moreau said.

Jayden was well aware of his obligations.

Jayden explained, “I wasn’t even thinking, I was simply stunned, I didn’t know what was going on.”

Jayden’s greatest fear is losing his newborn brother and mother.

Jayden was pulling as his mother was pushing.

The newborn boy was delivered after a few minutes, still not breathing.

To assist clear the baby’s airways, Jayden had to walk into the kitchen and obtain a nasal aspirator.

EMS arrived at the door a few seconds later.

According to hospital doctors, if Jayden hadn’t stepped in, the baby would have died from a lack of oxygen and Moreau would have bled out during the birth.

“I’m just very proud of him,” Moreau said. “I don’t believe he realizes how significant this is; he saved my and his brother’s lives.”

Kelsey Richard, Jayden’s stepfather, found out about what had transpired after his fiancée and son had arrived safely at the hospital.

Thanks to his brother Jayden, the infant is likely to make a full recovery.


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