Shelter Dog Wants To Hold Hands With Anyone Passing By

I’m sure there are days when you desire to be surrounded by people, laughing and sharing happiness, but there are also days when you simply want to stay at home all day, unable to bear the company of others.

One adorable puppy, on the other hand, never appears to be in a bad mood!

Every visitor to the Bullock County Humane Society has had the opportunity to touch hands with an extraordinarily gentle and loving dog named Speck for the past year and a half, since fall 2018.

Speck pressed his face between the metal bars and held out his paw as soon as someone approached him.

The shelter’s director, Desiray Miracle-Wilder, explained:

“All he wants is to be loved by others.” He’ll extend his small hand to you, and all he wants is for you to touch and hold his hand. And he’s so disappointed when you go to finish cleaning or whatever it is you’re doing.”

Before he landed up at the Alabama shelter, Speck’s life was not easy. Despite his injuries, which were still apparent on his face, and the time he spent undetected at the shelter, he remained the same.

Desiray continued,

“You could put anything around him — another large dog, a cat — but he’s so focused on getting affection from humans that he doesn’t care about anything else.”

All he wants is for you to touch him. If you sit down, he’ll lie down on you; if you take his hand in yours, he’ll take yours; if you scratch his tummy, he’ll roll over.

Speck is everything a puppy should be, yet he wants to be best friends with his owner.

On the first day of our interaction, he had my heart. My family was baffled as to how or why such a wonderful dog had been disregarded and forgotten in the shelter. I knew I had to show the world this lovely kid the instant he put his paw out to me, then my husband, and finally my daughters.

As a result, she decided to videotape his beautiful hand-holding habit one day and share it on Facebook.

In just a few days, the video became viral, with many individuals requesting to adopt Speck!

“In upstate New York with his new human dad Mike on a 26-acre farm,” she ultimately found a wonderful home for the friendly dog.

After seeing the video, a rescue organization called Allie’s Hope For Paws Dog Rescue in Union Springs, AL, which assists animals like Speck, offered to take him to his new home.

Speck, according to Wilder, will motivate others to open their hearts and save more homeless dogs.

“We are ecstatic. Not only did this video of Speck’s cuteness help him be adopted, but he also helped a few other fur babies get adopted, plus he brought us some food contributions!”

We’re all relieved that this sweet dog has found a forever home and will receive the love and attention he deserves!


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