Woman Becomes Mom To 8 Orphans After Being Abandoned Herself At The Age Of Five

Manisha, a transgender lady who was abandoned at the age of five, is an inspiration. She became a mother to eight abandoned children so that they would never have to go through what she had.

Manisha comes from the town of Pakhanjur in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh. She’s taken in seven girls and one boy as her charges. Despite her financial difficulties, she is determined to provide them all the loving home she lacked as a youngster.

“I understand the agony of not being loved and cared for,” Manisha remarked. As a result, anytime I come across an orphan, I take him or her home.”

She had known she was different since she was a child, and she had been severely ostracized for it. Other students bullied her at school, and her parents kept her locked up at home so she wouldn’t “sully” their reputation.

Manisha’s parents then abandoned her when she was only five years old.

“My mother and father abandoned me at a very young age,” she stated.

“I had a difficult upbringing and went without food for long periods of time. I promised myself that when I grew up, I would look after other children who were orphaned.”

The underprivileged lady was taken in by another trans woman, who now treats her as if she were her own mother.

Children who would otherwise be on the streets now have a home, food, medication, and a family thanks to this mother.

The majority of the females are young girls whose parents are unable or unwilling to look after them. One of the older children, like Manisha, is transgender, and the youngest is a 7-month-old kid who has lost both parents.

Manisha makes a little wage by dancing and singing at weddings and children’s births. However, because of the epidemic, circumstances are particularly difficult today, and she also raises cattle to sustain her family.

Manisha’s ultimate goal is to open her own orphanage so that she may provide a safe haven for as many children as possible.

“I never got my mother’s or father’s affection,” the kind woman explained. “I don’t recall receiving any affection from them,” says the narrator.

“There are children like these who have been evicted from their homes. Because of how I’ve been mistreated, if I see an orphan or a child who has been abandoned, I’ll adopt and nurture them.”


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