Incredible 100-Year-Old WWII Vet Walks His 100th mile To Raise $100,000 For Salvation Army

Mickey Nelson, a World War II veteran, just completed a 100-mile charity walk at the age of 100. He wanted to help the Salvation Army feed more people in need by raising money for them. Mickey got the idea from another amazing WWII soldier, Tom Moore, a British WWII vet who walked 100 times around his lawn to collect money for the British hospital system. More would raise millions of dollars as a result of his efforts, and he would become an inspiration to many people throughout the world, including Mickey Mouse. When the American veteran witnessed Moore’s kind gesture have such an impact on his town, he realized it was something he wanted to do as well.

“And dad responded, ‘He’s using a walker, I’m very confident I can walk 100 miles without a walker,'” his daughter Michelle told reporters, according to Alive.

So Mickey started walking and didn’t stop till he reached his destination. The community celebrated his extraordinary feat on the day he completed his 100th mile. Along with a few WWII reenactors, Mickey was given a ride in a vintage WWII Army Jeep.

The reenactors even drove Mickey to a nearby pub, where they sat on picnic tables and drank cool, refreshing sodas.

HAPPY 100TH BIRTHDAY ?? WWII vet Mickey Nelson is perhaps best known for his pledge to walk 100 miles for the Salvation…

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After then, it was time for Mickey to finish his 100-mile trek. The old guy was accompanied by a large number of fans as he made his way around the block.

A Minnesota WWII vet is walking 100 miles for his 100th birthday. As he walks, Mickey Nelson is raising money for…

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Mickey’s friends, family, neighbors, and even reenactors were all present to cheer him on as he completed his final mile. Michelle had this to say about her father:

“He’s a really special guy, and we’re just blessed to have him in our lives.”

Mickey’s first objective was merely to fund $5,000, but he well exceeded that modest target. He’s already raised almost $100,000 to help feed the hungry in America, and donations are still coming in.

Mickey’s own experiences during the Great Depression were one of the reasons he was so concerned about raising money for the needy. Mickey knows what it’s like to be hungry.

“He told reporters, “Those were tough days in Depression days. I remember the bread lines in those days. They were lining up for something to eat. It left a mark on me that people needed food.”

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Mickey is living proof that no matter how young or old you are, you should constantly try to achieve your objectives! Watch the video below to learn more about Mickey’s inspiring journey.


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