“My Son Hasn’t One Friend. It’s His Birthday Today. Please Wish Him A Happy Birthday.”

Kev Harrison and his autistic 15-year-old son, Daniel Harrison, begged people to send Daniel birthday wishes on Twitter on his son’s birthday. Thousands of strangers, including a number of celebrities, reacted almost instantly.

The father had two ambitions: to learn to drive and to make friends. While the child is still too young to obtain a driver’s license, his second request appears to have been granted. As a result, a tweet sent by Daniel’s father on his 15th birthday became popular online unexpectedly.

“Daniel is my son,” the father wrote. Autistic to the core. There isn’t a single friend. Today is his birthday. In his ECHP, he stated that his two desires were to learn to drive and make friends,” tweeted Kev Harrison of Nottingham, England, on Sept. 28. “Wish him a very happy birthday.” Please make an effort to show him that you care. Please spread the word.”

Harrison, 52, was obviously taken aback by what transpired next. Thousands of strangers, including a few celebrities, wrote Daniel birthday greetings and subsequently offered his friendship. His tweet has been read millions of times, and the original post has been liked by thousands of people.

“It blew my mind,” Harrison said of the huge response.

After reading Daniel’s education, health, and care (EHC) plan, which is part of a government program that helps decide levels of assistance for young people with special needs, the guy felt forced to publish the tweet.

Daniel typed “drive a vehicle” and “make friends” in answer to a section of the form that read: “Things that are important to me or things I would like to do…”

“It devastated our hearts,” Harrison added. He went on to say that his son attends a special-needs school but has yet to make any friends. “In his own little universe, he goes around the playground on his own.”

Daniel is on the more severe end of the autism spectrum, according to his father, and he refused to eat for several years as a toddler. He is talkative, but he struggles to participate in conversation and just provides “conventional replies.”

“He’s gone through a lot in his 15 years,” Harrison concluded. He is a wonderful, gentle, and charming young man. He’s not got a nasty bone in his body.”

Father Harrison chose to post on Twitter in the hopes of increasing awareness about autism and making his kid feel cherished on his special day. The man estimated that just a few individuals would answer. He had no idea that his tweet would become the most popular in the United States.

“It was incredible,” Harrison remarked.

“I didn’t believe for a second that the reaction would be as strong as it was.”

Harrison’s tweet was soon retweeted by high-profile persons with significant followings, and hundreds of birthday wishes for Daniel filled the father’s Twitter account in only a few hours.

In a video greeting, an 11-year-old named Olly read a poem for Daniel, while Lennie, 9, performed happy birthday on the piano. In Indiana, a group of kids crafted a special birthday sign for Daniel. Autistic adults also reached out, providing words of encouragement and assurances that things would get better.

While thousands of individuals referred to Daniel as their new friend, one Twitter user said something that Harrison found particularly touching: “You definitely have a fantastic buddy – your magnificent father!”

Harrison is still sorting through all of Daniel’s wonderful notes, doing his best to read and answer to each one.

He expressed his hope that the outpouring of support for his tweet will inspire others to be friendly to those with disabilities.

“I’ve done my job if I’ve reached one person and changed their perspective on another youngster,” Harrison added.


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