9 Out Of 10 People Can’t Find The Ghost In The Room! But Can You Figure Out Who It Is?

Our brains are built to perceive changes in the environment, but what about when we look at photographs? Is it possible to find anything in an image that shouldn’t be there? Let’s see what we can find out! In today’s image challenge, can you spot the ghost?

Is it possible to find the ghost?

During the holidays, a group of friends met for a nice celebration. Everyone seemed to be having a good time and exchanging smiles. One individual, though, isn’t actually present. One of the people is a ghost that is posing as a visitor!

Can you tell which of the visitors is genuine and which is a ghost? Best of luck! This problem will take 45 seconds to solve.

Start your timer right now and get started!

dress party image find the ghost

There are only a few seconds left until the timer runs out! Have you seen anything fishy about this image yet? Please don’t give up; remember to teach your brain to focus on things it doesn’t have to focus on normally. Reevaluate the gravity of the situation. What would be the easiest method for others to recognize you as a ghost if you were one?

Are you ready to find out what the answer is? Hopefully, you got the answer right. It’s fine if you don’t! At the conclusion of this post, we’ve included a list of brain-teasing riddles for you to answer. So, give your brain a good exercise and try a few of them after you’re through!


Now, scroll down if you’re ready to discover the solution. It wasn’t a simple observation to make, so congrats if you got it correct!

spot the ghost solution

Normally, if you’re looking for a ghost, you’d search for someone who appears pale. Or even a little translucent. One of the visitors’ foot looks to be fading away as you stare at it! So that’s where she’d been hidden all along!

Are you ready for some more brainteasers? Take a look at the examples below, and make it a point to practice solving puzzles or riddles on a daily basis. That’s how you’ll get the most out of your brain!


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