Incredible Moment: Baby Was Born Still Inside Amniotic Sac

Noah Valasco, a newborn baby, was born ‘en-caul,’ which means the baby was born without shattering the amniotic sac.

These interesting photographs of a baby boy who was born still inside his amniotic sac, which normally rupture during labor, have been re-posted all over the world. Noah Valasco, a newborn baby named by his mother Monyck Valasco, was delivered ‘en caul,’ which means the baby was born without shattering the amniotic sac. Being born with a ‘en caul’ is an uncommon condition, occurring in roughly one-in-100,000 people.

After being born through caesarean section at the Praia da Costa Hospital in the city of Vila Velha in the Brazilian state of Espirito Santo, baby Noah can still be seen within the amniotic sac in the images posted. Photographer Jana Brasil, who specializes in birth photographs, is said to have recorded the unique occasion. His entire body was swallowed by the sac, giving him an unusual look.

“People all over the globe are re-posting the photographs and seeking for us,” said Mum Monyck, 34.

According to reports, baby Noah had to stay in the hospital for a few days following the delivery because gynecologist Rafael Angelo Baggieri stated that the infant was “weary.” By the end of the week, the baby was permitted to go home.


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