9 Out Of 10 Viewers Couldn’t Answer This Question! But Can You?

The Perplexing Brain Teaser

The creators of this challenge are just asking you to pay great attention to the wordings in the following arithmetic puzzle and then answer it perfectly. Sounds reasonable enough, but there’s a catch, and only those with keen wits and keen eyes will notice it!

So, let the mental gymnastics begin! Best of luck!

The Correct Response

We hope you’ve been able to settle down with the proper solution by now! And just in case you didn’t, here’s one last opportunity. Before you take a look, please re-read and make your decision. Come on, we know you’ve got what it takes to get this done.

Okay, the correct answer to this riddle is that there are 63 individuals in all. For a more in-depth explanation, continue reading.

According to the problem, seven men have seven wives, thus each man has one wife. As a result, the answer is 7+7, which equals 14. Now, each woman has seven children, for a total of 49. Simply put the two numbers together to obtain 14+49=63. After all, it wasn’t that awful.

How did it go for you?


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