Reveal Your Shadow Self By Choosing What You See First

Your Shadow Self is a powerful hidden energy that, when tapped into, may provide amazing outcomes in our lives. It’s a force formed of star dust, the same stuff that gave birth to the universe.

Your Alter Ego

“The idea that man has a dark side, comprised not only of minor flaws and foibles, but of a genuinely demonic dynamism, is terrifying. The person is rarely aware of this; to him, it seems inconceivable that he should ever move beyond himself under any circumstances. When these seemingly innocuous animals congregate, a violent monster emerges. “On the Psychology of the Unconscious,” by Carl Jung

Let’s go deeper into your Shadow Self… In this image, what do you notice first?

Choose what you see first to reveal your shadow self.

1. If you picked BEAR, your answer is: “I’m driven by my heart.”

If the bear is the first thing you see in the photo, a fight is raging inside your heart. This fight is still going on, and you probably remember it from when you were a kid.

The bear represents all of the unconscious powers that have never been disclosed. Your shadow self is far more powerful than you are, and it controls your fate and shapes your future, much like a strong bear. When your libido awakens, you’re dealing with a lot of energy that may either be very creative or very destructive. You’ll never be able to control these forces, and the more you attempt, the more intense and dangerous they become.

You are a powerful force of nature that no one, not even you, can control. It is preferable to be welcomed. When your energy level is high, you should learn how to center yourself and, more significantly, how to relax yourself via meditation and LOVE. You can do amazing things if you accept your feelings!

2. If you selected MOUNTAIN, your answer is: “I’m motivated by my thoughts.”

You’re a work in progress if the first thing you notice is the mountains. In truth, you are an Alchemical Procedure, which needs constant vigilance and occasionally demands sacrifices.

For alchemists, the mountain represents the Adepts’ route, which is difficult and requires work to ascend to the summit.

However, the mountain’s summit is a lonely location where only one person may stand. You believe that only you can comprehend yourself deep down in your heart. Is this, however, correct? Perhaps you haven’t been completely honest with others or with yourself. You must open your heart in order to be welcomed.

You probably prioritize your job above your social and personal life, leaving your heart empty and thirsty for fulfillment.

This makes you fatigued, and the tiredness grows more with each passing day. This does not need to be the case. It is critical to maintain a sense of equilibrium. All we require is love. All you require is love. The philosopher’s stone, according to alchemists, lies not on top of the mountain, but rather at its heart. You are a great soul that deserves to be admired for who you are, not for what you have accomplished! If only everyone knew how amazing you are!

3. If you picked TREES, your Spirit is driving you.

If the forest with its trees is the first thing you see in this image, then your shadow self is far more socially oriented than you would acknowledge.

The forest’s trees are constantly talking with one another in a variety of ways that we cannot comprehend. Their roots are linked, transmitting and receiving messages from one another, notifying them of impending rain and averting any threats. Trees communicate, and you should as well. You need to make greater connections with others around you.

Grounding allows you to connect with the Earth.

We are all tied to Mother Nature, much like the trees in a forest. Turning our attention to Her will assist us in receiving joy and affection. You’ve been wounded before, so don’t let that bother you now. Make more friends, flirt more, laugh more, cry more, and live more! It’s time to let out all those pent-up feelings you’ve been holding in. You will get more strong as you gain more experience!


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