Can You Guess The Correct Number Of Fingers In The Photo?

The question, “How many fingers am I holding up?” is familiar to anybody who wears glasses. After all, when individuals take off their glasses, they are eager to test their eyesight. The issue is that glasses are used to compensate for blurriness and depth perception. Taking them off will have no effect on how many fuzzy fingers are waving in their faces. The question, on the other hand, is absolutely appropriate for this puzzle. In this image, how many fingers do you see? The solution might be more perplexing than you think.


Riddle #1: How many fingers does this picture have?

"How many fingers are in this picture?" puzzle


This image, like many other viral brain teasers, may get more perplexing the longer you stare at it. If necessary, count the number of fingers once more. Let’s give the solution multiple-choice, as on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, to make this challenge easier. Examine your response to see whether it matches one of the following four possibilities:

"How many fingers are in this picture?" puzzle

Did you find the solution to be more clear or more perplexing as a result of the many options? Many folks have miscalculated the solution on their first attempt. Choose your last answer before scrolling for the answer. Is that clear? Okay, here’s the correct response:

Option C is the correct answer.

Because four full hands are featured in the puzzle, the number of fingers in this shot is 20.


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Rebus puzzles are a fun way to solve riddles based on photographs. Images, phrases, and colors are used to communicate a secret message in these visual puzzles. The size, form, and orientation of the words in many situations provide hints as to what the message may be. Consider it a picture version of puns or wordplay. As a result, the riddles that follow are based on famous words or idioms. As you progress, the questions will become more difficult, so take your time with each one before scrolling to verify your answer.


Riddle #2 “NV”

Rebus puzzle "NV"

Let’s start with a less difficult problem. If you’re still stumped, try sounding out the letter and thinking about the colors in the image.

Answer: enviously green


Riddle #3 “What Must”

Rebus puzzle "What Must"

Hint for this puzzle: Consider the direction of these words.

Answer: What goes up, must come down

Riddle #4 “Travel CCCCCC”

Rebus puzzle "Travel/CCCCCC"

For this puzzle, analyze where the word and letters are placed.

Answer: Overseas travel


Riddle #5 “Meta Meta Meta Meta”

Rebus puzzle "Meta Meta Meta Meta"

Here’s a hint for this riddle: Which words begin with “meta”? Then consider the number and positioning of the words in the photo.

Answer: Metaphor


Riddle #6 “584Safety9482”

Rebus puzzle "584 Safety 9482"

Hint: Look at the overall pictures instead of scrambling your brain over what each number means. Could you find the solution faster than finding the number of fingers in the first riddle?

Answer: Safety in numbers


Riddle #7 “Talir”

Rebus puzzle "Talir"

Here’s a hint: Rearrange the letters to see what word they make.

Answer: Trail mix


Riddle #8 “Smoke G”

Rebus puzzle "Smoke G"

This puzzle is extra tricky. See what words are arranged in this picture, along with the direction used.

Answer: Go up in smoke


Riddle #9 “STR EET”

Rebus puzzle "STRE EET"

Here’s an easier puzzle where the shape gives away the answer.

Answer: Street corner


Riddle #10 “Job”

Rebus puzzle "Job in job"

No hint this time. Previous strategies will help you decipher this one.

Answer: In between jobs


Riddle #11 “Give Get”

Rebus puzzle "Give Get"

No hint for this last one either. Take your time to figure out the answer.

Answer: Forgive and forget


How many of these were correct? Did you find the Rebus puzzles simpler to solve than the first riddle’s number of fingers?


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