This Viral Intelligence Test Separates the Fakes from the Real Geniuses – Can You Solve It?

This IQ test has gone popular on Facebook, with more than three million shares to far.

It says that individuals who are able to solve and comprehend it have an IQ of at least 150, indicating that they are geniuses.

On average, two-thirds of IQ test takers get a score of 85 to 115, with only 5% getting a score of over 125. A score of 150 or above places you among the world’s smartest and most intellectual thinkers.

Look at the numbers in the problem below and see if you can find out the pattern. If you still can’t figure it out, watch the video below from the MindYourDecisions YouTube channel. It explains how to arrive at the solution and the logic that underpins it.

Can you solve this viral intelligence test that separates the fakes from the real geniuses?

Even if you can solve the riddle, do you know how you got at the answer and could you show the intelligence test rule that led to it? If not, don’t miss the clip at the bottom of the page.


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