Say These Short Prayers Every Night For God To Fight All Your Hidden Battles

Father Almighty, Tonight, I bow before your sacred throne to acknowledge all of your love and mercy in my life. I admire and revere you because you have never let me down in my life. My existence on this planet is solely due to your efforts. I’m a nobody who you’ve transformed into someone. I am thankful to be alive this month of September, Father.

I appreciate your efforts in keeping my family members alive and well. May your name be raised to great heights. Tonight, I pray for forgiveness of my misdeeds. I kneel with a contrite and humble heart. I shall be worthy of the honor if you forgive my faults. Tonight, I entrust myself to your holy hands. Please send your holy angels to keep an eye on me. May they protect me from the bad ones’ every malicious deed. I pray that those who desire for my demise would perish for my cause.

Let the force of thy holy spirit demolish every alter where my name shall be invoked tonight. As I sleep tonight, destroy every monitoring spirit that will rise up against me. Please take my name out of the book of death and put it in the book of life. I speak success into my life, trusting that there is nothing you can’t do. In Jesus’ Mighty Name, I pray that I sleep well tonight and wake up healthy tomorrow morning. God will give your heart wishes tonight if you type Amen to this prayer.


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