If You Can Find The Woman Hiding In This Photo, You’re Considered To Have An Above Average IQ

We dare you to locate the lady in Jörg Düsterwald’s shot, a German artist recognized for his amazing body art.

People have always found puzzles, varied challenges, optical illusions, and games interesting. However, it appears that, as a result of the coronavirus epidemic, people have more time and a revived interest in trying out their talents this year.

As a result, we’ve chosen to set you a single painting task. Some people believe that individuals who can locate a lady in it in less than 5 seconds have a higher IQ than the typical person, although there is no scientific proof to back this up.

Still, do you want to give it a shot?

Do you have trouble finding the right woman?

Here’s one hint: Take a peek at the bottom right-hand corner of the tree’s base. What about right now?

Are you still not convinced? Here’s some more information:

Jörg Düsterwald, a German artist, is recognized for his incredible body art. He’s been painting on human bodies for over 20 years, so his figures seamlessly blend into whichever background or scenario he places them in.

He began by posting a photo of an ancient gated stone fence surrounded by falling leaves and trees. He then challenged his followers to discover the woman who was hiding within it.

The woman isn’t concealing at all; in fact, she’s seated directly in front of the camera. It’s no surprise you can’t find her because she’s painted to blend in with the tree and the leaves on the ground.

She is here!


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