Are You Smart Enough To Solve This Tricky Math Problem. ?

Examine the arithmetic puzzle below and see what you can come up with. Before you begin, double-check the time. How quickly can you do this task?

Consider it for a few minutes before writing down your response. However, don’t cheat by scrolling down!

Okay, put your pencils away. Have you come up with a solution? How quickly did you receive it?

Quizzes require you to use all of your mental capacity, including both your wits and your quickness. They keep your mind active while also providing a pleasant and soothing respite from your daily routine. Not only do they help you remember things and concentrate better, but they can also help you avoid mental illnesses and make you more alert throughout the day.

The Solution

Here’s how we can deconstruct it:

First and foremost, we must solve the multiplication problem. 0 divided by 60 equals 0.

The rest of the equation can then be completed. Now multiply 60 by 0 and 1 by 1.

And there you have it: the answer: 61

What response did you get? Did you make the correct decision? If that’s the case, congrats! You acquitted yourself admirably on today’s arithmetic exam. Make sure to tell your friends and family about this brainteaser! Let’s put them to the test as well.


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