Mother Rushes Baby With ‘HOLE’ In Mouth To Hospital, Finds Out It Was Only A Sticker

A 24-year-old mother in England was frightened when she noticed a hole in her baby’s upper lip, but when she went to the hospital, she was told that the child had a plain sticker in her mouth.

Becky Steeles is 24 years old and the mother of 10-month-old Harvey, and recently faced a very stressful situation. While changing Harvey’s diaper, Becky noticed a hole in the top of his mouth. The young mother was frantic and, not knowing what else to do, immediately went to the hospital.

“I noticed I had to change Harvey’s diaper and as he lay down I noticed a hole in his mouth. I tried to touch her, but he started crying out loud, so I called his father to see what was happening. I was shaking and could barely contain my crying. “We immediately took a flashlight and when we looked in his mouth, his father just shouted ‘What is this ?!'” the mother says.

“I called my mother who told me to call an ambulance immediately, and while I was waiting for someone to answer me, we went to the hospital.”

Before entering the hospital, Becky was greeted by a nurse who immediately examined little Harvey and told her that her little one was fine and that the “hole” in his mouth was actually a simple sticker.

“When we wanted to enter the hospital, I told two nurses what was happening and one of them told me to examine him. After only 30 seconds, he turned to me and said, “It’s a sticker.” I kept saying, ‘No, that’s a hole.’ Then she put her finger in Harvey’s mouth and took out the sticker. “I started laughing, I was shaking and I was very ashamed.”

The young mother says that while they were going to the hospital, she called several people close to her to tell them what was happening.

“When we got home I had to swallow my pride and call everyone again to tell them that Harvey had no hole in his mouth.”

Although the whole situation may seem comical now, Becky definitely had a really stressful day, but it is good for other parents to know how to be careful in such situations.


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