God Take Control

Dear God, I have laid this burden on you and I cannot do it myself, so please comfort my heart and give me strength and help me to continue with your help. At first I thought I was strong and did not need the help of the Lord, but you brought it to me, dear God.

I had a perfect partner in a good, ambitious business, but I still felt empty and felt like I was ruling the world. I believed that my parents work in life was done for me when I was growing up; I came into this world only through their efforts. My life is not perfect, I have little time to do my handiwork, and no one has behaved with the right to tell me otherwise.

The irony is that the more money you earn, the emptier and worthless you become, and feel that you have to make more money.

Start asking yourself questions and trying to find the cause of the void you feel, not only in your own mind, but also in the mind of God.

He has given us peace and joy, and although he could not give us a rich world, he can glorify the name of the Lord in our hearts. God called us in a dream, revealed himself to us and then placed us in this life. This was the moment when we saw the face of God within us, but then we were placed in the God’s hands, we saw that He is much more powerful than we thought.


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