The Smarter The Woman, The More Difficult It Is To Find Love

One of the worst things you can find in this world is that you don’t always feel good when you’re single. Honestly, I’d rather be single than be with someone who doesn’t really appreciate me, but if you don’t always feel good about being single, then that’s probably not a bad thing.

The smarter you are, the harder it might be for you to find someone to work with, according to a new study from the University of California, Berkeley.

But we all know that men don’t run away from smart ladies – in fact. In 2015 there was a study that found the men who think women are better than them, usually are not that attracted. That’s what you want to think, but someone doesn’t follow you as well as you think – and not just because you’re smart.

The study was by researchers at the University of Buffalo, and essentially three separate studies have found that men don’t attract intelligent women the way they are.

In one study, male students were asked to read about a hypothetical situation and then imagine how they would think, feel and behave in that situation. In math and English, men rated the women they rated as desirable long-term romantic partners as less attractive than the woman they outnumbered. They were asked if they would like a woman as a long-term romantic partner. Now it’s pretty disgusting when you hear it and you’re honest with yourself, but I find it less desirable the closer you get to me.

In another study, researchers put male college students in a room to take a test with an older woman who was actually an ally who worked as a team. The young woman have taken the test as another student and kept herself in check before the tests began, but in the final moments the testers asked the young men to find out who they were meeting. The test results were distributed, and in this study, men who believed they had been outdone by the woman in the same room tended to rate her as less attractive than the women they shared contact information with.

Basically, this means that men seem to have an interest in intelligent women, but it is not possible to find anyone who works with intelligent women. I think all this really shows how fragile people can and should be. If someone finds you less attractive because they can outdo you, they don’t deserve your time.

If you are a smart woman, don’t waste your time chasing after a man who doesn’t tell you the time. Eventually you will find the right person and when that day comes they will treat you as you deserve to be treated. You deserve someone who really loves you and cares about you, but it is better if you always do it with all your heart.


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