A affluent businessman complains to the presence of a low-income family at a high-end gourmet restaurant, but learns a valuable lesson in the process.

Jordan Scott has a reservation at Le Dauphin, New York’s most exclusive restaurant. He went there at least twice a week for supper, and he enjoyed the exclusivity as much as the great meal.

Walking inside the peaceful restaurant with only the sound of silver and crystal and the gentle whispers of dialogue from the refined customers was unique to him. It was paradise, and he was in awe of it.

Jordan was blissfully reading the menu one evening when his dream was broken. Loud sounds, harsh voices, children’s voices intruded! Ivonne, his favorite waitress, was leading a family to an adjacent table when he noticed him.

Having a family! At Le Dauphin, Jordan seldom saw families. What a lovely family! Jordan could tell Le Dauphin wasn’t their typical hangout spot. The parents were in their forties and dressed modestly, while their two children were in their early adolescent years.

When the mother intervened, Ivonne began to discuss the menu and the chef’s specialties “Sorry, but it all seems so pricey! Is there anything on the menu that’s a little less complicated and more affordable?”

Jordan winced as the youngster said, “I want a hamburger!” At Le Dauphin, a burger? Five Michelin stars are awarded to just five restaurants in New York. It couldn’t possibly be true.

Jordan stepped in to help. “If you want cheap and crappy, there’s a grill across the street that’s just your style!” he said.

“Excuse me?” the father questioned, his face flushed. “Are you conversing with us?”

You don’t have the right to belittle someone just because you have a lot of money.
“Yes,” Jordan said arrogantly. “You must go if you cannot afford or appreciate the sort of food served at Le Dauphin.”

The mother said, “We have every right to be here!”

“Right? Jordan scoffed, “Money buys rights, and you don’t appear to be able to afford breadsticks at a truck stop.””

“”Look,” the father began, clearly trying to remain cool, “all we want is to eat our supper calmly.” It’s a rare event, an opportunity to celebrate…”

Jordan mockingly said, “Hurrah!” “Go someplace else to celebrate. You can’t see that you don’t belong here, can you?”

A hand was put on the father’s arm by the mother. “Look, Jack, let’s just get this over with…”

Jordan was scowled at by Jordan’s father, Jack. “Sally, no! It’s your birthday, and you’ve always wanted to have supper here. We’ve put money aside for this, and we’re not going anywhere.”

Jordan burst out laughing. “Oh, my goodness! You had to SAVE like it was a vacation for this? That’s so…devastating!”

Jack took a step forward. “You’re right, Sally; we should get out of here before I do anything stupid.”

Ivonne stepped in at that point. She gently rested her hand on Jack’s shoulder. “Please have a seat, sir. This will be taken care of by me.” Ivonne approached Jordan’s table. “I have to ask you to go, Mr. Scott,” she stated quietly.

“No, sir, I haven’t,” Ivonne answered gently, “but it doesn’t give you the right to disparage other people.”

Jordan ordered that Ivonne contact the manager, which she did. Jordan’s furious rant about low-class clientele ruining the environment and Ivonne’s demand that he go were both met with nods from the tall exquisite guy.

He said, “Oh dear.” “Yes, Mr. Scott, I see you’re terribly unhappy…”

Jordan gave Ivonne a victorious expression. He screamed, “I want this lady fired!”

“And I must ask you to go, and return when you are in a calmer mood,” the manager said.

Jordan yelled, “WHAT?” “You’re going to evict me? Your restaurant’s reputation will be ruined by me! I have clout, clout, clout…”

“”If you don’t leave immediately, Mr. Scott,” the manager stated calmly, “I’ll contact the cops and have you removed.” On second thinking, you’re permanently forbidden from Le Dauphin.”

Jordan walked out of the restaurant, sputtering and wheezing. The manager approached the family’s table and greeted them. “I hear, Madam, that supper at Le Dauphin is one of your desires, and that it is your birthday?” he asked Sally.

Sally blushed and responded, “Yes.” “I saw this place in a movie and I’ve always wanted to be here…” she said, motioning to the gorgeous decor. “This is a dream come true.”

“In celebration of your birthday, Le Dauphin would like to treat you and your family to a complimentary meal.” He gave the boy a wink. “And I think I’ll be able to persuade the cook to make us a special burger and fries!”

“I’m sorry sir, I lost us a valuable customer and one who is going to cause issue for us,” Ivonne remarked to the manager as they walked away from the family’s table.

“You did the right thing, Ivonne,” the manager remarked. Mr. Scott is a haughty arrogant jerk who believes that no amount of money gives him the right to belittle and degrade others around him.

“Above all, we’re here to serve people, to provide them with a pleasant experience and a lasting memory of a delicious dinner, which is exactly what that family came here for. We, on the other hand, We are more than just a business; we are people that care about other people.”

The family had the most delicious lunch, and the chef even made Sally a beautiful birthday cake with candles. It was wonderful in all the right ways.


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