Despite her repeated pleadings, I refused to escort my daughter down the aisle. What I did, I feel, was totally correct…

Alice, my daughter, and I haven’t talked in years. We discovered she wasn’t my biological daughter after she turned 18.

Clara, my wife, had been having an affair with a friend, who turned out to be Alice’s father, James.

Honestly, it didn’t matter if Alice was my child or not to me. I’d always treated her as if she were my daughter, and I wanted to do so again. Alice, on the other hand, did not share this sentiment.

“How are you even capable of doing that, Dad?” When Alice returned from college that day, she was enraged. “Wait, are I meant to address you as father?”

I stated, “Honey, I wanted to tell you.” “However, I assumed the fact that Clara and I are divorcing would be enough for you to deal with.” I apologise!”

“No!” exclaims the father. Alice reacted with a rejoinder of her own. “Your apologies aren’t going to make things any better.”

“Please, Alice, you’re the only one I have right now,” I begged. “I don’t want to lose you,” says the narrator. It makes no difference to me whether you are my biological daughter or not. “Honey, I adore you!”

Alice locked her gaze on me. “Well, if you loved me, you wouldn’t have kept the truth about my biological father concealed from me!”

“However, Alice…” Alice had packed her belongings and fled before I could say anything.

I was devastated. If Alice preferred her biological father to me, that was alright with me. But it genuinely upset me that she never thought about all the years of love and care I had given her as a parent.

I attempted to contact Alice numerous times after that. I would occasionally skip work to pay her a visit at her college. But if I tried to communicate with her, she would simply ignore me and walk away.

I once received an email from Alice’s college informing me that she was failing her classes. She’d failed many topics, and the college had warned her that if she didn’t pass them, she’d be rusticated.

I was afraid about her safety, so I attempted to contact her again. Thankfully, she answered the phone.

She was about to hang up when she added, “Don’t contact me again, or I’ll report you to the cops!”

“Wait, Alice,” I said. “I swear I won’t contact you again, but this time it’s not about me.” It has to do with your studies.”

On the phone, Alice began cursing at me. “Oh my God!” Don’t you get weary of acting like a father figure? “How long can you keep acting like that?” I mean, “How long can you keep acting like that?”

“But honey,” I explained, “I was truly worried about you.”

“That’s it, Mark!” she said. “You know what’s going to happen if you do this again, or even come around searching for me!” She added something and then hung up.

I was taken aback. “Mark? “Did she actually call me by my name instead of my father’s?”

If you’re a parent, you’ll understand how powerless a parent feels when their child refuses to listen. They assume you’re merely appearing to care about them when you’re actually concerned. That was, unfortunately, what had happened to Alice.

Alice and I didn’t communicate with each other after that. In any case, anticipating a text or phone call from her seemed like a pipe dream. She was content with James and Clara, after all.

But, eventually, Alice texted me. And that message convinced me that declining her request was the wisest option…

The message started, “Hi Dad, this is Alice.”

Dad? Is she oblivious to the fact that my name is Mark, or did she send the SMS by accident?

“I’m getting married, and I’d like you to be the one to take me down the aisle,” “The message was clear. “I realize we’ve had a tumultuous history, but I really need your assistance. Since my father died two years ago, my fiancé, Adam, has been my only source of support…”

I was starting to get a sense of where the message was going.

“And now his mother insists on meeting you. If you and your mother are not there, she may call off the engagement.

Adam hails from a tight-knit family, and his mother wants him to marry a lady who values connections and is close to her parents.”

Alice also claimed that it was my responsibility that our relationship was damaged since I kept her in the dark about her biological parents, and she asked me to forget about it and attend the wedding. I was astounded that she didn’t recognize she was completely wrong. The wedding was all that mattered to her.

I’m not sure what you would do in this case, but I turned her down. She texted me again later that evening, requesting assistance, but my response remained the same.

I would have consented to her request if she had ever once apologized to me. Alice, on the other hand, took me for granted. She assumed that no matter what, I would listen to her.

Some individuals, particularly my buddy Kevin, continue to mock me for destroying my daughter’s special day. He constantly asking me to put everything aside and attend the wedding. But Alice will continue to take things for granted in this manner, and she will never improve.

I’m hoping she learns something from this.


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