When a couple lost two daughters and a boy in a horrible vehicle accident, it was the worst nightmare of their lives. A year later, through a wonderful turn of events, they became parents to triplets: two girls and one boy, just like previously.

Every cloud, as they say, has a silver lining. Seeing the positive in a difficult circumstance, on the other hand, is a difficult act to follow. When their life was flipped upside down in an instant, the Coble family experienced the same anguish.

Lori Coble was out with her three children, Kyle, five, Emma, four, and Katie, two, and her mother, Cindy, on May 4, 2007. Kyle’s birthday had just passed, and the Cobles were looking forward to continuing in the same spirit.

[Left] Kyle, Katie, and Emma. [Right] Chris and Lori Coble pictured with their triplets. | Photo: YouTube.com/ facebook.com/coblekids | instagram.com/lorilcoble


They visited a mall, where the children adored the rides, and then a pet store. When it was finally time to return home, the family sat in their minivan, Lori behind the wheel.

She decided to turn back while stopped in traffic to check on her children. Lori tickled Katie’s toes, who had begun to doze asleep when the lights went out. A large truck carrying 40,000 pounds collided with the van at 70 mph.

Lori and her children were gravely hurt in the unfortunate event. Cindy and Lori were transferred to one hospital, Katie and Kylie to another, and Emma to a third due to the severity of the injuries.

Lori’s husband and the children’s father, Chris Coble, heard the devastating news while at work. His wife was admitted to the hospital, so he raced there. The doctors soon informed him that Katie would not be able to survive.

Jorge Miguel Romero, the truck driver who caused the collision, has a history of speeding and pleaded not guilty to three charges of vehicular manslaughter.

After some time had passed, he received a call from the hospital where Emma had been admitted, informing him that she had also died. Chris was heartbroken and couldn’t take it any longer. He then raced to Lori to notify her of their daughters’ death.


The couple then went to see how their son, Kyle, was doing. While they were pleased to see his eyes open, the doctor informed them that his brain had been receiving little oxygen and recommended that he be taken off life support. Chris also mentioned:

“‘He’s had to go be with his sisters now,’ she [Lori] says as she climbs out of the wheelchair as best she can. His sisters are anticipating his arrival.'”

The Coble family lost three lovely beings who had made their lives significant in a matter of seconds. Chris and Lori were saddened to see three miniature caskets in lieu of their three smiling and joyful children on the day of their burial.

The parents were in shock and denial after losing their bundles of joy. Anger, sadness, loss, and apathy plagued me for the next few months. Chris and Lori, on the other hand, agreed not to abandon each other. Chris also stated:

“We always referred to ourselves as “parents without children” at that time. When you have three little children, your entire life is committed to them, and you adore it.”

The couple chose to follow their vocation to attempt to have more children out of a desire to feel parental bliss once more.

They went to IVF and began with 10 eggs, three of which were fertilized successfully.


The doctor advised them to proceed with only two, but the couple insisted on returning all three. They were expecting triplets again six months later, this time two girls and a boy. Chris went on to say about the miraculous pregnancy:

“Your mind is incapable of thinking otherwise.” If you believe they’re looking over you and protecting you, and then something like this happens, it’s difficult to believe they weren’t engaged in the planning.”

The Cobles welcomed Ashley, Ellie, and Jake into the world over a year after Kyle, Emma, and Katie died. Chris and Lori think that their heavenly angels are keeping an eye on them and their siblings.

Kyle, Emma, and Katie’s portraits are displayed throughout the house, and the triplets are aware that they have older siblings who are currently in paradise. The Cobles have also raised their voices, advocating for a shift in the trucking industry’s policies.

Jorge Miguel Romero, the truck driver who caused the collision, has a history of speeding and pleaded not guilty to three charges of vehicular manslaughter.

Chris and Lori take their triplets to the cemetery for picnics on a regular basis. While they are grateful to have a house full of children, Kyle, Emma, and Katie will always have a special place in their hearts.


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