A little girl bared her soul, prepared to address a big question to her stepfather. He was brought to tears, but how would he respond in the end?

Leonardo Avila married the mother of a newborn girl named Alessandra in 2012, when she was still under the age of a year. Since then, Avila has been a father figure to her.

When asked about the first time he held her, the stepfather claimed it just flowed easily, as if it was meant to be. Baseball is one of their mutual interests, and they consider themselves best friends.


Alessandra took advantage of their mutual passion of the game when she decided to give her stepfather the surprise of his life.

The now-8-year-old waited for Avila on a baseball field in Alabaster, Alabama, on September 21, 2018. She asked him a major question there.


Alessandra stood at home plate as her bestie was led into the field, his face hidden under a baseball glove. When he removed it, he noticed his stepdaughter standing nearby, holding a placard that read:

“Papi, you will always be my home. Will you take me in as your child?”

He was filled with emotion right away, lowering his head and placing his hands on his knees as tears streamed down his cheeks. Avila gave consented to the adoption without hesitation, hugging his kid tightly.


On Instagram, a video of the lovely moment was published, and comments poured in, praising the incredible narrative. As one Instagram user put it:

“He and his family may God’s blessings be upon them. More wonderful people like him are needed.”

Many people reported that the video made them cry. With little over 300 likes, the sweet video became extremely popular.

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Avila expressed his emotion at the fact that she desired it and chose to ask him without any other influence. He stated, ”

“Knowing I had such an influence on her life that she now wants my last name was an incredible feeling.”

The two made their relationship official on January 10, 2019. Although they are now officially father and daughter, the two had always known in their hearts that they were always that to one another.


What Alessandra did was daring, and an 11-year-old HaLeigh demonstrated that she possessed the same character. She astonished her stepfather, David Trevino, by formally adopting his surname before Valentine’s Day in 2018. He read the following passage from the letter:

“You stole her heart from the start, but she’ll never forget your last name.”

The stepfather fell into tears as he continued to read the letter. They eventually put his name on the young girl’s diploma as well. If these two kids have taught us anything, it’s that family is more than just blood, and it lives in the heart.


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