Todd Bachman, who was escorting his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day, came to a halt and paid tribute to the bride’s stepfather. Guests were in tears as a result of what he accomplished.

Weddings are said to be one of, if not the most, memorable days of a couple’s lives. However, organizing for the celebration can be challenging, especially if relations between family members are strained.

Brittany Peck struggled with this when she had to assign duties to her two fathers, her biological father and stepfather, who both reared her when she was a child.

Todd Bachman grabs the hand of his daughter's stepfather to walk her down the aisle. | Source:

When Peck’s parents divorced, she was just six years old. The courtroom became a familiar venue for her at an early age, as she observed a protracted custody struggle for both her and her sister. Peck revealed:

“My parents couldn’t agree on who would care for me and my younger sister. I had my own attorney, and it was a disaster. With everything we’ve been through, it could be a Lifetime movie.”

Todd Bachman, his biological father, did not want to share his daughter with Todd Cendrosky, her stepfather. Things improved with time, and the two fathers discovered that they were excellent parents.

Two photos of Brittany Peck with her biological father and stepfather. | Source: YouTube/CBS Sunday Morning

However, when Peck was getting married in 2015, the family was once again encircled by conflict. The bride didn’t know how to tell Bachman that she wanted both of her fathers to escort her down the aisle.

Guests at the venue were moved by the sight of both dads walking their daughters down the aisle.

Her stepfather, who is quite sensitive, sobbed for a week before the wedding to his wife. “I have a tux, but I don’t have anything spectacular to do,” he remarked, according to Peck. Cendrosky felt bad “because he knew he’d just sit in the throng,” she said in another interview.

Todd Bachman and Todd Cendrosky hug during their daughter, Brittany Peck's wedding. | Source:

“I finally just built up the courage to call him about two weeks before the wedding and said, ‘I really need to talk to you,'” Peck shared of the call she had to make to Bachman. But before she could say anything, her already knew what her daughter’s dilemma was.

Bachman told his daughter not to worry and that he would make things happen. Finally, on her wedding day, he drove his daughter to the outdoor ceremony in a golf court.

Just as they were about to walk, Bachman left the bride and walked towards her stepfather, who sat in the first few rows. He grabbed Cendrosky’s hand and said, “‘Hey, come with me. You’ve had just as big of a part in raising this child. It’s time you and me walk our daughter down the aisle together.”

Cendrosky was moved to tears by the gesture and described it as the happiest event of his life. Guests at the venue were moved by the sight of both dads walking their daughters down the aisle.

Delia Blackburn, a wedding photographer, photographed the moment Bachman seized Cendrosky and posted it on her Facebook page, where it has since been shared several times.

There have been several reports of unexpected events occurring as brides walked down the aisle. Taylor Loren has previously posted her personal wedding day narrative on social media, to mixed reviews.

Loren claimed that as she walked down the aisle, her husband did the most romantic thing: he checked his phone. Until she disclosed why her husband did it, her narrative enraged some viewers.

They’ve been married for four years and are still going strong. They also have a unique wedding tale to cherish for the rest of their lives.


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