A adolescent lad resolved to pay regular visits to his elderly neighbors, checking on them every day and assisting them with their daily activities. The aging couple’s daughter was struck by his thoughtfulness, and she posted the tale online.

Young people are frequently chastised by their elders for their lack of respect and casual attitude. Not all young people, on the other hand, act in the same manner, and many grow up to be compassionate and responsible people.

The story we’re presenting today is about a remarkable adolescent who has demonstrated to the world that it’s never too late to lend a helping hand and provide comfort to others around you.

15-year-old Mitchell pictured with his elderly neighbors Trent and Dianne Joyner. | Photo: facebook.com/tiki.nutter


15-year-old Romemylion Mitchell took the whole world by storm when his selfless act of kindness went viral in 2019. The young boy had developed a strong bond with his elderly neighbors, who had also grown fond of him over time.

Mitchell would frequently visit his neighbors to see how they were doing, demonstrating to the rest of the world that sharing love and joy is free.

He lived just across the street from Trent and Cianne Joyner, his elderly friends, and had begun to show an interest in their well-being, looking over them like a guardian angel.

Tiki Joyner Edwards, the old couple’s daughter who didn’t live with them but came to see them whenever she could, discovered his hidden gesture of compassion. She published the following on her now-viral Facebook post:

“I simply wanted to acknowledge this beautiful young man who lives across the street from my parents. Every day, he checks in on them and has learned to adore and care for them.”

Edwards shared two very cute photos of her mother and father with Mitchell in the same post, revealing how much he cared for them both.

Mitchell, it was subsequently discovered, drove Trent to the store, mowed his grass, and assisted him with everything he needed. When Cianne was in the hospital, he stayed by her side and showered her with embraces and attention. Edwards went on to say:

“What a blessing, and I simply wanted to share something positive instead of the horrible news we see and hear on a daily basis (sic).”

Mitchell received a lot of attention and admiration from the internet community. Such unselfish acts of compassion demonstrate that there is still a lot of light and hope in our world.


Mitchell, surprisingly, isn’t the only adolescent with a tender heart. Another group of teenagers made waves online when they let a dementia patient “surf a wave one final time.”

Ryan Giancola, a North Carolina guy, was on the beach with his friends when a senior woman approached him with an unexpected request. She informed him about her husband’s bad condition and requested that he assist him in surfing one more time.

Without hesitation, the young man accepted and published the touching video online, where it quickly went viral. Many internet users were affected by the video, which they described as both painful and very beautiful.


What Giancola and Mitchell did for the elderly as children is something we should admire and emulate in our daily lives.

Older adults have grown significantly more vulnerable to spells of loneliness and sadness as a result of the coronavirus epidemic.

While social distance has become the norm, there is still plenty we can do to help our community’s vulnerable individuals.

If you chance to have any older individuals as neighbors, a simple “hi” would suffice.

Little acts of kindness and reassuring your elderly neighbors that they can depend on you will not only make them feel better, but will also make you feel pleased and joyful.

More people like Mitchell and Giancola are needed, especially in times of gloom and sadness, to spread the light of hope and happiness.


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